Kyle’s Story

Kyle’s Story

I have lived in Scottsdale, Arizona my entire life. I grew up duck hunting with my parents and extended family members. As I grew older, I realized I didn’t really like eating meat and I definitely didn’t like hunting like my family. No one in my family understood my dislike for hunting, but they grew to respect my choices and we remained a close-knit family. After college, I took a job with the Arizona Department of Wildlife Resources because I love this beautiful state as well as all the animals of the state. After years of scrimping and saving, I finally had enough money to purchase a piece of land close to the Gila River and had a home built. It was small, but it had everything I wanted and a spectacular view.

The scenery around my house provides me with the peace and tranquility I desire at this point in my life. I absolutely love living far away from city life and the confusion that accompanies city living. The first year on my property was delightful, as I got to enjoy my morning coffee while watching the ducks swim and frolic in the river from my front porch. Eventually, my peaceful piece of the property began to look like a crime scene. I would arrive home from work to find my property covered in feathers and wounded ducks. I was horrified and couldn’t understand what was going on around my property. It was the offseason, so there was no reasonable excuse for duck hunting to be taking place in the area. I asked the few neighbors I had if they had seen anyone hunting near my property, but no one saw anything. One of them even suggested I have the resource officers from my job come out and investigate.

It got so bad that I did take my neighbor’s suggestion and had some of the resource officers from my job come out to survey the area and see if they could discover who the culprit was that was shooting ducks offseason. After they came out several times, they were not able to see anyone hunting on or near my property. I was at my wit’s end. Not only had my peaceful spot been violated on numerous occasions, whoever was hunting offseason was breaking the law. I finally took the suggestion of my supervisor and went to Bond Investigations to hire a private investigator. He told me that they include surveillance among their investigations and may be able to find out who is hunting on my property offseason.

After my first consultation, I immediately began to feel better. The staff was compassionate and understood my dilemma and wanted to help solve the problem. It took about three weeks before they were able to figure out exactly who it was hunting on my property while I was at work. They presented me with photographs and video evidence of my neighbor (the one that suggested I bring out wildlife officers from my job) shooting ducks on and around my property. I was able to take the video and photos and present it to the authorities and they were able to charge my neighbor with the crime.

If it wasn’t for Bond Investigations, I never would have been able to find out who was committing such heinous acts on my property. I recommend that anyone experiencing a similar issue or a different type of issue to contact them immediately. Their investigators work on all types of cases like child custody, insurance and background investigations, and criminal defense investigations. They will work hard to get you results.

I now am able to enjoy the peace and serenity of my home and watch the wildlife. I have even started dating a woman who loves nature and tranquility as much as I do and we are doing great. Thank you Bond Investigations for your thorough job and your quick results. Life for me is once again blissful.