Glenn’s Story

Glenn's Story

I have been living in Scottsdale, Arizona for about five years now. It is a great place to live and work and everyone has been so welcoming to me since I relocated from New York. Even though it is a much slower pace than I am used to, I am happy I made the change. I have a great job and purchased a home for myself and my dog, Sam. About six months ago, I started having problems with someone breaking into my home. They didn’t take anything, but they would move things around just enough to let me know someone else had been in the house.

Of course, I contacted the local police, but since no property was taken, there really wasn’t much they could do to assist me. After a while, I think they thought I was just some crazy guy looking for attention. But I knew someone was entering my home when I was not at home. Whoever it was would even put my dog outside in the backyard, something I would never do. I had a security system, but it appeared whoever was entering my home knew the access code so they never set off the alarm. Eventually, I thought I was losing my mind. I consider myself to be a strong man, but this was something I just couldn’t wrap my head around.

This went on for months, and after a while, things started to get scary. One night I came in from work to find my dog, Sam, dead on the kitchen floor. I was devastated. I had my dog for years and he made the move with me from New York. I once again contacted the police, but they told me my dog most likely died of old age. But I knew better. A veterinarian confirmed my suspicions, Sam had been poisoned. It was then that I decided I needed to get some help. After talking to my best friend, he suggested I contact a private investigator to see if they could get to the bottom of my problem.

I asked around at work and was given the name of Bond Investigations. They have an office in Scottsdale and they met with me to discuss my concerns. The staff was caring and understanding and told me they could do surveillance on my home to determine who was entering it when I was not at home. It took them less than a week to find out who was breaking into my home. I couldn’t believe my eyes when they showed me the pictures of the person they saw going in my house. It was a woman I had a few dates with over a year ago. It wasn’t serious, but apparently, she was a little bitter about things not working out.

I was able to take the photos to the police and they were able to charge her with breaking and entering and with poisoning my dog, Sam. I didn’t realize she was mentally unstable since we only dated for a short period of time. As soon as Bond Investigations took my case, I was immediately put at ease. I recommend them to anyone in need of a private investigator to help them with a business or personal matter. They are courteous, caring, and will work hard to make sure you receive the results you need to put your life back together.

I have even heard that they help with matters surrounding child custody, elder abuse, marital infidelity, and they work with individuals as well as businesses. I cannot thank Bond Investigations enough for the help they gave me in my time of need. I just wish I had contacted them before I lost my dog, Sam. Take my word for it; if you need a good, reliable private investigator, Bond Investigations is the best place to go to Scottsdale.