George’s Story

George's Story

George had been a union welder all of his life. At 59 years of age, he was looking forward to the day he could retire. George recently moved to Scottsdale, Arizona from Baltimore for another well-paying welding job. After a long week of work, he decided to blow off some steam with his girlfriend and a friend of 20 years who flew down from Baltimore to look for work.

After a night at the bar, they all returned home and George’s buddy decided to get into it with George. One thing led to another and a fight broke out in which George was stabbed.

George decided to pack a bag and leave for the night. As he was leaving the house his friend who was drunk came at him again. This time George got the knife and had to defend himself. Hours later George was in jail facing a Second Degree Murder charge.

Fast forward nine months and George is still in jail waiting for a trial with a public defender. No work had been done on his case and George couldn’t get to his retirement to pay for a private attorney or to make his excessive bail. He heard about an investigator who worked with some of the best criminal defense attorneys in Phoenix and had a reputation to go the extra mile in defending his clients.

That’s where Bond Investigations and its owner Dorian Bond came in. Bond Investigations flew to George’s union hall and was able to get the paperwork for George to get access to his retirement funds. Days later, George was able to hire one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the state, Daniel R. Raynak.

The next hurdle was getting his bail reduced to a manageable amount. It was discovered through our investigation that George’s bail was excessively high because of a criminal record in Baltimore that did not belong to him. Bond Investigations did not just make the normal phone call to the courthouse back in Baltimore to verify the charges. Mr. Bond himself flew to Baltimore, went to each courthouse, and was able to prove to the judge presiding over the bail hearing that the person’s record they were holding George on, was someone else’s who shared the same name and close birth date. Bail was successfully reduced and George was released.

During the next few months, while George was working, Bond Investigations assisted Attorney Raynak in fending off an overzealous prosecutor who would stop at nothing for a conviction. Bond Investigations helped discover key evidence and assisted in locating witnesses. The day of the start of the trial, charges were dismissed in the case. George has returned to working in Baltimore to continue his career.

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