Sexual Harassment

A sexual harassment lawsuit is often stressful for a victim and can cause scandal, social problems in the environment where the harassment occurred, and even embarrassment for anyone involved. If you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment and you need help making a case that will stick, hiring a private investigator in Scottsdale gives you the expert testimony you can rely on.

The Incident in Question

Many cases of sexual harassment go undocumented due to lack of proof. The victim of the harassment feels that there isn’t enough evidence to convict their accuser and she or he decides not to report it. Some people feel they’d rather let it go than cause a scene or deal with the scandal that goes along with accusing someone of sexual harassment, especially when the accuser is a boss or other type of respected individual. If this sounds like something that’s happened to you, then you should know you’re not alone. Hiring a private investigator in Scottsdale can help you in several ways to make a case and resolve the issue to your satisfaction. You don’t have to let your incident go unreported because you believe you can’t prove it. Scottsdale Bond Investigations is here to help.

How Do I Know It’s Sexual Harassment?

There are a lot of ways that different behaviors can be construed within the workplace, an educational environment, or all kinds of social situations. What one person might feel is a common flirtation, another person might view as uncomfortable and even hostile. The important things I what matters to you and how you felt but there are a few indicators you can use to assess your own experience.

  • The behavior is consistent and makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • You have told the person making you feel uncomfortable that their behavior is unwanted and it still continues.
  • The behavior is hostile and the person exhibiting it follows you or seeks you out to continue the behavior.
  • You feel singled out among your peers; the person exhibiting unwanted behavior toward you is concentrated on you and no one else.
  • You are afraid to be alone with the person exhibiting unwanted behavior.
  • The person has gotten physical with you even when you expressed you didn’t want it.

These are not the only indicators of sexual harassment but they are prominent indicators that sexual harassment is present. Some behaviors are more obvious or extreme but subtle discomfort does not discount the fact that the unwanted behavior is harassment. If you feel uncomfortable at all, it is a reason to seek help from a private investigator in Scottsdale that can assist you in getting to the bottom of the situation and getting you the proof you need.

Fear of Scandal

Coming forward about sexual harassment can feel embarrassing or scary but that doesn’t mean you should stay in the shadows. The beauty of hiring a private investigator is that the investigation into your case is discreet as well as legal. You won’t have to worry about the questions you want to ask becoming public as the investigator learns the necessary information to make your case.

Let Scottsdale Bond Investigations Be Your Advocate

If you’re ready to take action, our private investigators in Scottsdale can provide services such as surveillance, hard audio/visual evidence, a swift and conclusive investigation, and many other services that let you feel that your case is being handled by competent investigators that will advocate for the truth. If you feel at all that you’ve been mistreated and you suspect sexual harassment, call today and see what we can do for you.