Professional Surveillance In Scottsdale Arizona:

Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance is the collection of data gathered from observing a person, place or object. Surveillance data is collated and analyzed in order to prove or disprove allegations relating to the subject. A Scottsdale close observation detective will collect evidence in the form of high-quality photos, video footage and audio, which he or she will present to the client along with any additional information gleaned from the investigation.

What Does a Surveillance Detective Investigate?

A surveillance detective can be utilized in a number of different investigations. A common cause for a surveillance private detective is gathering evidence related to a cheating spouse or partner. This could be due to a sticky divorce settlement, or fears over the welfare of a child following separation. Whatever the reason behind your investigation, our close observation detective agency will give you valuable support in a delicate situation.

Unlike some other surveillance detective companies, our agents are able to blend into any surroundings. They have years of experience in the field, and abreast of the latest technology and resources to help them do their job without the risk of discovery. An individual who is being unfaithful is likely to take extra care in moments of infidelity. They will usually be more observant of their surroundings. We strive to protect our clients’ reputations, so you can be confident that discretion is our priority.

Professional Surveillance In Scottsdale Arizona:

Spotting the Signs Early On

Unfortunately, infidelity is on the rise, in part due to the ease of communication we live with these days. You should consider some of the following warning signs before making a decision to follow up on your instincts:

    1. 1.Unexplained transactions on bank statements
    1. 2.The sudden appearance of a phone card
    1. 3.New personal email accounts
    1. 4.Deletion of Internet browsing history and emails

5.Decreased sexual interest
6.Increased time away from home

You may find surveillance detective evidence proves your partner’s innocence—but whatever the outcome of an investigation, it’s better to know the truth for yourself.

Why Use Our Surveillance Detective Services

Our close observation detective services aren’t limited to cases of infidelity. We also conduct surveillance operations for corporate clients and assist in criminal investigations across the state of Arizona. We use the latest GPS tracking systems to locate individuals, vehicles, and other property.

Our agents use their vast knowledge of close observation investigations to determine what type of surveillance methods to utilize. Sometimes an investigation requires stationary close observation, which may be electronic or in person. Other cases require mobile surveillance, which might be overt or covert. We recommend you to supply as much information as possible before an investigation—information is invaluable for a successful result in any case.

Our detective services entail:

•Discreet surveillance of individuals, locations, or assets
•Diligent background investigations
•Interviews and recorded statements where appropriate
•Tracking of communication via the Internet and electronic applications
•Clearly documented information
•Photographic, video and audio evidence

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