Private Investigations

Investigative Services for Scottsdale Residents:

Private Investigations

At Bond Investigations, we provide an extensive range of investigative services. We help everyone from attorneys, and state and federal agencies to businesses and private individuals. Our private investigators will plan meticulously before a case to be able to act quickly and effectively. Our access to state-of-the-art equipment, coupled with our expert knowledge, means we constantly achieve favorable results for our clients.

Professional Private Detective Services

Our clients in Scottsdale are as unique as the list of services we offer. We have a team of specialists ready to advise you on how to approach your specific situation. An experienced private investigator can easily uncover information that other legal agencies may be unaware of. Our specialized investigations give you the following:

• Thorough documentation on all elements of an investigation
• High-resolution evidence from surveillance (photos, audio, videos, etc.)
• Evidence that is admissible in court
• Professional presentations for trials
• A private investigator with knowledge of how the legal system works
• A team of experts with access to powerful investigative resources

At Bond Investigations, we have 25 years of experience in fighting for our clients’ rights. Some of the investigations we offer include:

1. Background checks
2. Pre-marital and spousal investigations
3. Child custody investigations
4. Missing person investigations
5. Elder Abuse investigations
6. Criminal defense investigations
7. Insurance claim investigations
8. Witness location & skip tracing

Why Use a Scottsdale Private Detective?

Our private investigators are trained in the art of undercover work and surveillance. They can blend into different environments to gather the evidence you need in a discreet fashion. We have a team of experts that has access to various criminal databases and search tools. This allows us to carry out fast, effective background checks on individuals and corporate organizations.

We are constantly reviewing the latest investigative equipment and resources, and Bond Investigations founder Dorian Bond has been a guest speaker at seminars on numerous occasions, where he has been asked to share his wealth of experience as a seasoned private investigator.

Find a Private Detective Who You Can Trust

A private detective from Bond Investigations will listen carefully to your unique situation, and use his or her experience in the field to guide an investigation down the appropriate route. All information between our firm and our clients is treated as strictly confidential. We will never discriminate against a client, no matter what allegations have been raised against you. By hiring one of our investigators, you are guaranteed absolute trust.

Hire Private Detectives Who Get Results!

A Scottsdale private detective is waiting to take your call on (480)-539-0586. You can also contact us by email ( or write to us via the Contact Us page on this website. Please remember to supply us with as much information as possible, so that we can advise you on your individual case.