Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity Investigations Scottsdale

Infidelity Investigations

If you suspect your husband, wife or partner of being unfaithful, an infidelity detective from Bond Investigations can help you find out the truth. Matters of infidelity are delicate and require special handling. Our Scottsdale infidelity detectives offer discreet investigations, which protect our clients’ integrity above anything else.

The Leader in Infidelity Detective Agencies

There are various infidelity detectives companies in Arizona, so why choose us? The answer is simple—our team of agents has more than 20 years of combined experience in investigating cheats and liars. We have reached favorable divorce settlements in court by providing indisputable evidence of infidelity for our clients.

Divorce and separation is an emotional time, but other related factors can cause even more harm to those you love. Our private investigators have inadvertently revealed evidence of previously unsuspected situations through their infidelity investigations.

Examples include:
•Neglect and abuse of children
•Sexual activities while children are present
•Alcohol and drug abuse in front of a child
•Reckless driving while caring for a child

At Bond Investigations, our reputation is born from a dedication to our clients. We guarantee to do whatever we can to protect you and your loved ones. Our agents will listen carefully to your case and treat you respectfully at all times. That’s why we’re the leading infidelity detective agency in Arizona.

Infidelity Detective Services that Get Results

An infidelity private detective in Scottsdale carries out detailed surveillance during an investigation. He or she will provide evidence from covert surveillance in whichever form is appropriate. It may be high-res photos, clear audio recordings, or HD video footage. Our agents can also recover lost computer evidence.

An infidelity private detective quickly notices patterns in a suspect’s routine. We conduct interviews with reliable sources to determine the whereabouts of an individual at certain times. Our access to various databases means we can check phone records, too. Every available resource is exploited when one of our agents tackles a case.

Concrete Evidence Clearly Presented

Our Scottsdale infidelity detectives will supply you with:

•Undivided attention when you explain your personal situation
•Expert advice on how to proceed with an investigation
•Detailed documentation relating to the investigation
•Associated visual and audio evidence of superior quality
•Regular updates during the investigation
•Solid evidence to use in court when necessary

Talk to an Infidelity Detective You Can Trust

Call our Scottsdale office on (480)-539-0586, or complete the form on our Contact Us page. Our team of trusted infidelity investigators is waiting to take your call in strict confidence If you’d rather discuss your dilemma face to face,  schedule an appointment with us.