Elder Abuse Investigations

What Does an Elder Abuse Detective Do?

elder abuse investigations

The term “elder abuse detective” refers to a private detective who investigates all forms of abuse related to senior citizens. This may mean investigations into physical abuse but can also include cases of mental and financial abuse, or neglect.
A Scottsdale elder abuse detective will conduct comprehensive background checks on all individuals pertaining to a case. Investigations of this sort frequently reveal a criminal history, unethical business dealings, bankruptcy, and bogus lawsuits filed for an individual’s financial gain.

What Sets Us Apart from Our Competitors?

Some elder abuse detective firms struggle with investigations because of the close relationships that often tie culprits to their victims. Our Scottsdale team of private investigators has worked on hundreds of cases relating to elder abuse. They have in-depth knowledge of how to approach difficult cases, and can easily spot the patterns of the individuals involved.
In an investigative area that is often disregarded or overlooked, we are renowned as being one of the foremost elder abuse detective agencies in the state. Many professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, and law enforcement agencies, are inexperienced in matters relating to elder abuse and deaths of elders. One reason is that there are very few guidelines for medical examiners and coroners to follow in such cases. Another problem is that even some professionals find it difficult to distinguish between natural injuries brought on by old age, and those caused by abuse.

What Can I Expect from an Elder Abuse Investigation?

Our elder abuse detective services in Scottsdale include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Exhaustive background checks on individuals
• Interviews with family, close friends, and acquaintances of the victim
• An investigation into any criminal activity or wrongdoing relating to suspects
• Clear documentation relating to the investigation
• Concrete evidence to use in court
• Personal attention from our team of elder abuse experts
• Regular updates throughout your case

When Do Elder Abuse Situations Usually Occur?

Cases of elder abuse are not limited to any particular situation or social background. Our investigations in Scottsdale have proved that elder abuse is prevalent in all walks of life, from poorer households with little or no regular income to some of the wealthiest households. In fact, it is often the case that the more an elderly person has at stake—in finances or assets—the more likely it is to find close friends and family members with an unhealthy interest in the affairs of a victim.

Suspect That Someone May Be a Victim of Elder Abuse?

If you suspect that a close friend or family member may be the victim of elder abuse, contact one of the most experienced elder abuse detective companies in Arizona. We will give you sound advice on how to pursue your case. Call us today on (480)-539-0586 and arrange an initial free consultation with one of our Scottsdale private investigators.