Child Custody

Child Custody

Child Custody & Support Issues:

A Scottsdale child custody detective can assist you with child support and child custody investigations. If you are owed money for child maintenance or have another issue relating to custody of your child, our agents are here to bring you justice. We are experts in locating elusive parents who want to avoid their financial obligations. Our child custody detectives also conduct private investigations that ensure your child is growing up in a safe and stable environment.

I Need a Child Custody Private Detective

Parents who go through a divorce or separation know how much it can affect their children. The welfare of your child is second to none. Without the support of an overloaded legal system, it can prove to be a trying time for single parents. A child custody private detective can ease your burden in various ways.
We can:
• Locate individuals who owe child maintenance payments
• Conduct investigations into hidden assets (real estate, vehicles)
• Carry out background searches on individuals
•Provide information about business activities
•Gather evidence related to criminal activity
•Conduct financial background checks
•Conduct surveillance to inform on a child’s living conditions

The Different Levels of Child Custody Detective Services

There is a strong system in place for child custody cases in Scottsdale. However, the court is unable to investigate individual cases to the full extent sometimes required. Much of the time, it is sufficient to supply contact details for an individual and their workplace. We can provide this service through comprehensive background checks.

Some situations require more investigation, which takes more time. You may be worried about the conditions in which your child is living, or the suitability of your child’s guardian. Our team of experienced private detectives can carry out discreet surveillance to gather evidence that will help your case in court. We will conduct investigations into any criminal activity involving an individual and can provide evidence of behavior, such as alcohol or drug addiction, that could affect the welfare of your child.

The Role of Child Custody Detective Agencies

It is important to understand the role that child custody detective companies play in a legal dispute. You may find child custody detective agencies that collect money from individuals on your behalf and charge you high percentages for doing so. We are not a collections agency—we provide solid information required by the court so that the authorities can pursue your case.

With a child custody investigation, information is the key to a successful result. The more you can tell us before beginning an investigation, the more efficiently we can work on your behalf.

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