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Bond Investigations has been serving the business community in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. We conduct focused investigations for our clients to make sure their business interests aren’t compromised. Our investigations include, but are not limited to, criminal inquiries, financial searches, intellectual property rights, potential business mergers, fraud, and embezzlement.

A private business detective is a common commodity for large organizations these days. Our Scottsdale business detective services can give your company the edge it needs to stay ahead of the competition. We promise to protect your interests and those of your clients so that your reputation remains intact.

What Use Are Business Detective Agencies?

In today’s competitive world, many large organizations have business detective companies on a retainer. These companies carefully monitor what information about the company becomes publicly available. If a company wishes to hide specific details relating to its business dealings, they have the people in place to help them do so.
An experienced business detective from Bond Investigations can search out that hidden data for you, so you know the truth about an organization before you commit to any partnership or business transactions with the third party.

Hire Business Investigations in Scottsdale

A Service That Gives You Peace of Mind

Our in-depth knowledge of corporate investigations and our scrutiny to detail is what makes us one of the most reliable options for a business investigation in Arizona. We offer a large list of services, which can be tailored according to our clients’ specific needs. Even if you want to investigate a business that operates outside of the state, we have the resources to help you.

Our team of investigators has access to financial and criminal databases. We can easily conduct thorough financial investigations into a company as part of due diligence before signing a contract. We also have highly trained agents on demand for surveillance operations.

If you’re looking to vet prospective employees, we can conduct reliable integrity tests, which assess an applicant’s tendency to be honest and trustworthy. These tests can be integral in preventing counterproductive behavior within your business, such as theft, sabotage, violence in the workplace, and other disciplinary issues.

Even if you don’t own a business, our business detective services can protect you in a number of ways. Aside from the personal assurance that the companies you do business with are safe and effective, a business investigation can help you with damage and compensation claims.

Working on the Inside

A private business detective can provide investigations that also protect your company from within. Surveillance and counter measure sweeps are a reliable form of crime and fraud prevention in the workplace. We can carry out computer forensics to assist in any disputes where relevant data is digitally stored. Additionally, our detectives can investigate instances of security penetration within your company, and prevent them from happening again.

Stay Ahead in the Game

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