Background Investigations

Scottsdale Background Checks

Background Investigations

Background checks cover a wide scope, depending on your individual needs. Background research for corporate companies may involve several investigators working over a few weeks to investigate all requested areas. Other checks, such as vetting prospective employees or rental applicants, are much quicker. A Scottsdale background investigator can conduct any type of background investigation for businesses or individuals.

Our Background Investigation Services

Our team of Scottsdale private investigators carries out numerous background checks to assist the business community. Specific searches can fall into the following categories:

• Criminal and civil background checks
• Identity verification
• Employment and credential checks
• Pre-employment background checks
• Professional license checks
• Business search reports
• Bankruptcy reports
• Special permit searches
• Drivers license searches
• Liens and judgment searches
• Foreclosure searches

In addition, our investigators can offer alternative services that don’t appear on the list. We have access to criminal and government databases that other background detective companies are unable to access. At Bond Investigations, we have no limits.

Background Investigations for Individuals

It’s not just businesses that require background checks. Members of the public can benefit from the services offered by background detective firms, in a variety of circumstances. Our team of private detectives can conduct marital and pre-marital record checks. We use comprehensive background checks as part of child custody investigations, including searches for hidden assets and location of individuals. It is a fact that virtually all forms of investigation begin with a thorough background search, using Internet resources and specific databases. In this way, it is easy to expose any criminal activity or wrongdoing relating to the subject under investigation.

How Will You Show Me Results?

There are several background detective agencies across the state of Arizona, but consider how many offer a reliable service based on years of professional experience. At Bond Investigations, we promise to investigate every avenue available to help our clients. Our agents will carefully consider your individual case, and advise you on what the investigation entails.

We will provide:
1. Information collected through industry sources
2. Information gathered from Internet searches
3. Evidence collated from numerous public and private databases
4. A complete profile report of the company or individual
5. Professional advice on specific investigations
6. Regular communication with our expert private investigators

The information you provide us at the start of an investigation allows us to tailor searches to your specific needs. This means we can act quickly and efficiently, and save you money along the way.

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