Alimony Investigations

Want to Take Charge of Alimony Payments?

Alimony Investigations

In Arizona, alimony payments payable to a spouse aren’t limited to divorced couples. They can also be awarded to a husband or wife who becomes legally separated. Before awarding alimony payments, it is the job of the court to decide if alimony is, in fact, necessary, and to determine the amount and length of the maintenance. If you need alimony investigations in Scottsdale, we’ll be happy to be of help.

Alimony in Arizona is overseen by Statute ARS §25-319. Although there is a solid system in place for spousal maintenance in the state, it is not in the court’s remit to investigate changes of circumstance that might affect what you are paying in alimony. A Scottsdale alimony detective can gather evidence that could help you drastically reduce your maintenance payments, or even eliminate them completely in some cases.

How Can I Reduce My Alimony Payments?

If your ex is now cohabiting with a new partner, that constitutes a legal change in circumstances that will affect the amount of money you are obliged to pay. Spousal maintenance is deemed necessary for essential living expenses, including:

• rent
• food
• clothing
• school fees

Even if your ex and his or her new partner own separate residencies, the fact that they reside together as a couple could make your alimony payments illegal. However, without proof of co-habituation, the legal system is unable to act on your behalf. Nor can individuals contact the police to help investigate such matters. That’s where our alimony investigations in Scottsdale agencies come in.

Alimony Investigation Services in Scottsdale

Our Scottsdale private detectives can gather reliable evidence for you to present to the court. It may involve simple surveillance to prove that your ex is living with someone else while collecting alimony payments. Sometimes it may be necessary to dig deeper in order to obtain the level of proof required. We can build a profile on the subject of an investigation, to help you build a solid case against them.
Our private detectives can conduct investigations into:

• living arrangements
• shared bank accounts
• shared expenses
• employment status
• recreational activities

How Do I Proceed with an Alimony Investigation?

It is the court that will decide what constitutes sufficient evidence for a reduction in alimony payments. A day’s surveillance is not enough for the legal system. Alimony detective companies, therefore, have to develop a pattern of behavior over a period of time, based on evidence gathered from their investigations. Sometimes a great deal of patience is required to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

As one of the leading alimony detective companies in Arizona, we know we can get you results. We can work faster and more efficiently on a case if we have as much information as possible at the start. This will help our agents determine the best course of action to get you what you need.

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