Catch a Cheating SpouseInfidelity is now easier to achieve than ever before due to advancements in technology. With smartphones and dozens of available applications, a cheating spouse has an endless supply of options when they are interested in trying out something new. On the other hand, the same technology that allows them to be dishonest also provides their significant other with the resources they need to catch them in the act.

For those who are suspicious, or already know the truth and need hard evidence to prove it, here are 5 modern ways to catch a cheating spouse.

1. Useful Apps and Software

A cheating spouse may have access to all types of apps that allow them to check out local singles. But, their partner can also take advantage of a few helpful apps of their own. For example, Contact Spy is an application available for Android and iPhone users that can check a number to validate who is calling. If the guilty party receives multiple calls a night and they brush the calls off as being a wrong number or telemarketer, the suspicious spouse can use Contact Spy to put the number in their phone and learn that it wasn’t someone calling to tell them they need to update the warranty on their car.

2. Remote Access Webcams

Activating a web cam for remote access is not as confusing as one may think. Anyone can set up and learn to use this basic form of home security to spy on their cheating spouse. The web cam may be used to connect with the camera on their partner’s laptop so that they can view what’s going on at all times. Nanny cams are another option that can be purchased already set up inside of an inconspicuous object such as a stuffed animal or handbag where no one would suspect a thing.

3. App History

Smartphone apps have a history the same as the Internet browser on your laptop or PC. Whether someone is using Google Maps or checking out great places to eat in the area on a review website, an app can store information, such as an address, to make it easier for the user the next time they want to look something up. This can also be helpful for spouses who want to check in on their husband or wife and find out where they’ve been when they say they had to work late or go out of town on business.

4. The Cloud

The Cloud has changed the way that we store information such as documents and images. It allows us to free up space on our own devices and have access to our stored items on any laptop, PC, or smartphone. It is an excellent tool, as long as the user understands how it works. The Cloud is like a virtual hard drive. When a photo uploads to The Cloud, it stays there even if the image is deleted from its original source such as a smartphone. An app known as Photostream makes it possible to push all items uploaded to The Cloud to connected phones, tablets, or computers. So, if there is a cheating spouse taking photos of their new love, and thinks that everything is fine if they delete the image from their phone, this simple app could send every single selfie to their partner to receive on their own phone or tablet. Photostream is a part of the Apple iCloud service.

5. Online Review Websites

It may not seem a useful source for checking on an unfaithful spouse’s wrongdoings, but review websites such as Urban Spoon or Yelp! are a great way to check out someone’s everyday activities especially if they are the type to not use common sense often. If someone uses review websites constantly to rate every restaurant, hotel, shopping center, or contractor they hire, it’s possible that they may write up a review for a new fine dining establishment they decided to take their secret love to without thinking about it. And, it would be so easy for their partner to find a review written by the cheating spouse about a restaurant that they’ve never been to. Even a review for a movie on Netflix could be enough to provide a suspicious husband or wife with proof.

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