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Dorian Bond

20+ Years of Experience in  Private Investigations

Bond Investigations founder Dorian Bond started his firm in 2003 with a specific purpose—to fight for the rights of his clients to know the truth, and to bring them the justice that is often overlooked or difficult to obtain through the U.S. legal system. A seasoned private detective himself, Dorian possessed the experience to assemble a team of investigative experts that has secured Bond Investigations an outstanding reputation in the field of private investigations.

Crime Resolution and Prevention Champs

Our private investigations Scottsdale team takes pride in its investigations. Twenty-five years of combined experience means it is equipped with the knowledge and resources to achieve the results our clients need. Our Scottsdale private detectives have served attorneys, and federal and state agencies on numerous cases, from locating important witnesses to conducting private investigations into fraud, embezzlement and other criminal activities. We have conducted investigations on behalf of businesses and individuals, which have not only brought about favorable results in court, but have also helped to prevent crimes before they happen.

Success in Court

A Scottsdale private detective can provide more than information for a client. They make reliable witnesses in court, and can supply professional presentations for trials when needed. Our investigative experience ensures that the evidence we gather is solid and reliable. We can supply photographic, audio and video-recorded evidence from surveillance operations. Any information collected during an investigation is vigorously crosschecked and verified, so we can be certain of the validity of evidence relating to a case.

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